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Prada 1BC114 Nylon Hobo Bag In Khaki Prada Outlet


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  • Prada 1BC114 Nylon Hobo Bag In Khaki
    -Khaki Prada 1BC114 Hobo Bag.
    -Silver-toned Hardware, Enameled Triangle Logo.
    -Detachable and Adjustable Shoulder Strap.
    -Removable nylon pouch with zipper.
    -Zip Closure.
    -Size: 19 * 26 * 8 cm.

    Prada 1BC114 Nylon Hobo Bag In Khaki
    Prada 1BC114 Nylon Hobo Bag In Khaki
    Prada 1BC114 Nylon Hobo Bag In Khaki
    Prada 1BC114 Nylon Hobo Bag In Khaki
    Prada 1BC114 Nylon Hobo Bag In Khaki

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